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Series: Sons of Olympus ~ First title in the series ~
C.S. Chatterly

Format: ebook
Release: September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-906328-29-0
Copyright ©2007
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

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As a son of Zeus, Delos has seen all the infidelity he can handle. He wants a faithful wife. Megaira wants a loving husband, but what she turns into during intercourse could get them both killed.

As one of many bastard sons of Zeus, Delos wants one thing…a woman who won’t sleep with anything that oozes, crawls or rolls into her bed. Perhaps he should have been more careful when a long-time friend offers herself up as his wife. Can he love a woman who keeps secrets? Will her secrets get them killed?

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c s chatterly's reviews

Romance Junkies Reviews -
Rating: 4.5

C.S. Chatterly's DELOS DESCENDING is the first book in her SONS OF OLYMPUS series. From what I've read so far this promises to be an intriguing series full of unexpected twists and turns, lovable characters, and passion that leaves mere mortals envious. ~ Chrissy Dionne for Romance Junkies Reviews

Delos Descending...is a well-paced short story that has ample build-up and closure, with the romance coming off as quite credible...The main characters are most likeable...You have to read this story to appreciate what a darling he (the hero) is... Rating: 82, Mrs. Giggles reviews

Two Lips Reviews
Rating: Four lips
Del is a mature, compassionate man and his desire for fidelity above all else is admirable. Megaira is a sweet woman struggling to accept herself and wanting more than anything to be normal. They compliment each other beautifully...Reviewed by Kerin, for Two Lips Reviews