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by C. S. Chatterly
Copyright ©November 2006

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For police sergeant Brogan O'Halloran, life is about as simple as it gets in the sleepy English village of Oak Glen. That is, until Halloween night, when a call to investigate a prowler at an abandoned castle leads him to a beautiful witch named Laura Moonwind. Before they can say “enchanted”, the castle comes alive and holds them hostage, showering Brogan and Laura with magic as reality takes a back seat to a bizarre and sensual broom ride into—and beyond—their wildest fantasies.



Brogan held on to her tightly. She wrapped her arms around his body and squeezed hard. The room continued to shift and change until it no longer existed at all. A foggy mist closed in around them and Laura was violently pulled away. He shouted for her but could no longer even see his hand in front of his own face. He feared the worst when she didn’t respond, but he kept groping and shouting her name in expectation of finding her.

As suddenly as the event started, it stopped. He was thrown to the ground by a force he couldn’t fight. Then he felt his body begin to change and alter as the surroundings had. There was no pain, just the sensation of shifting. And when he was able to push himself to a standing position, the fog had dissipated enough that he could see the area a few feet just around his body. But his form was no longer recognizable. The muscle was still there, but his skin had taken on a glowing, sparkling kind of white aura. His hair was now down to his waist. The brown, curly strands of it almost went down to his crotch. Something over his shoulder fluttered and he turned to see nothing there. When the same thing happened again and he couldn’t find what was behind him, he stood absolutely still and slowly glanced back over his right shoulder. “Holy shit!”

He had wings. Two, green shimmering wings shot out from behind him like the ethereal appendages of a dragonfly. He tried not to react in the irrational way his mind demanded. Brogan let the professional part of his brain override the section wanting to go mad. “Okay, okay. I can deal with this,” he repeated over and over. The first course of action was to find Laura. The mist around him blew away suddenly, and he was standing in woods he didn’t recognize.

“Brogan!” Laura shouted.

He quickly ran toward the sound of her voice. He found her leaning over a very small pool, looking at her reflection.

“I-I h-have w-wings,” she stuttered.

He knelt beside her. “Me too.”

She dragged her gaze away from her own reflection and gazed at him. The fear she felt left her entirely. He was the most magnificent thing she’d ever laid eyes on. Muscle bulged and rippled as he moved, and his wings were glorious.

Brogan let his gaze wander over her. Laura’s long hair now floated around her in a soft cloud. She had wings as he did, only they were shaped like a butterfly’s and were as silvery and sparkling as her lovely eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he uttered.

For a long, long moment, they stared at each other. Laura was the first to move, placing the palm of her hand against his chest. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if we’re still in the castle, or have been ejected to some other place or time. Just stay close to me.”

She nodded, but grabbed his arm just as he would have risen. “Maybe we shouldn’t go anywhere. I mean, if we do, we might disrupt something in the environment and not be able to ever find our way back.”

That made sense. He ran his hand over her shoulder and felt a slight tingling in his palm. “My God, you’re so…so…” He had no words for what he saw. There simply wasn’t any word in any language that could articulate the loveliness before him.

The feel of his hand on her skin was like an aphrodisiac. The more he stroked her, the more she wanted him to. She leaned into him, tilted her head to one side and brushed her lips across his.

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In Chatterly's "Every Witch Way but Loose," Sergeant Brogan O'Halloran investigates a disturbance at an abandoned castle and finds a beautiful witch performing a Samhain ceremony. Then the castle sends them traveling through time and into some very erotic adventures.
Gail Pruszkowski Romantic Times Magazine

...Rich and atmospheric, Every Witch Way But Loose is a very imaginative, very creative story that held me spellbound. The tale is fast paced and full of fascinating twists and turns. The house takes on a life of its own and becomes another character, one that will both fascinate a reader, and send chills up their spine at the same time. The reader is in for a fun ride with Ms. Chatterly's story of the legend of Wolf's Head Castle.
- Amelia for Joyfully Reviewed.com