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by C. S. Chatterly
Copyright ©2005

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When two elderly witches misspell an enchantment and accidentally summon a very randy denizen of the Fairy Realm, Sky Pyewackett must convince the muscular, exceedingly virile Faun to go back to his fantasy world before there's trouble. There's just one problem…he won't go.

Rowan Sultmhor takes one look at Sky and decides he's right where he wants to be. From the moment he sees the beauty in her garden, he's obsessed with making love to her. Long, warm Spring nights are beckoning, and there's nothing more intriguing than putting the lovely little witch beneath him.

But unfortunately for Rowan and Sky, there's always a price to pay when a creature from the Fairy Realm crosses over into human reality…



"You did what?" Sky croaked as she glanced between Eartha's heavier face and Windy's much more slender one. "What in the world were you thinking? You know we aren't supposed to meddle with the Fairy Realm."

"Dear, we never intended to," Windy explained. "It was just a stupid spelling error."

"And this creature is in our garden? Right now?"

Both of the older women nodded and glanced out of the corners of their eyes at each other.

Sky pinched the bridge of her nose between her index finger and her thumb. Silently counting to ten, she prayed she could find a way to undo what her aunts had conjured or the consequences could be dire. It was said that the Queen of the Fairy Realm tolerated no outside interferences from witches or others seeking contact with her world. Only the Queen herself was supposed to admit or release denizens into or out of her domain. That Windy and Eartha had done so, even by accident, would probably have some side effects about which Sky could only guess.

Sky held out her hands in a flattening gesture that seemed to put down any further discussion. "All right, this is what I'll do. I'll go to the garden, and ask this creature to return to the Fairy Realm."

"But he won't…"

"I know," Sky interrupted Eartha's insistence that the man-thing wouldn't go back willingly. "But he'll just have to listen to reason. I'm sure that this Faun is a sentient creature who'll be more than willing to listen if I approach him with the proper attitude. But I want you two to stay in the cottage and let me handle this."

Both women bowed their heads and stared at the toes of their sturdy, but rather worn, lace-up shoes.

Sky sighed as she saw their guilty expressions. All they'd tried to do was give her a wonderful little birthday gift. But she'd expressly forbidden her well-meaning aunts from conjuring when a more powerful witch such as herself wasn't present. The two of them weren't exactly skillful in their arts, and never had been. And like making a wish from a genie, if the words of a spell weren't written or uttered very precisely, all kinds of mischief could result. That was the reason spells were so rarely cast, and only when they could help a situation…never to hurt others or cause harm.

"Okay, this isn't really a huge problem," Sky deduced. "I'll just go out and talk to the man…Faun…creature…and just get him to see reason. I'll not make an international incident of it."

The smiles her aunts bestowed on her made Sky feel a little less guilty for having berated them. They were darlings, but the world didn't know their kind existed. One slip in their conjuring could end that secrecy, so she had to protect them, and all other witches at the same time. Without her intervention, doctors and psychiatrists would have probably institutionalized her beloved aunts long ago for their crazy-sounding rants. She alone stood between them and that fate. For that reason, the Faun had to go back where he belonged. His presence here endangered them all, including the denizens of his own world.

Sky left her aunts standing in the kitchen, went to her bedroom to change into a pair of old blue jeans and a worn sweater, and made her way back down to the rear entrance of the cottage.

From his vantage point on the small hill behind the fish pond, Rowan saw the woman exit the cottage. His sharp eyes missed nothing. "By all the celestial events, she's lovely," he gasped. He quickly ran both hands through his hair and felt his body responding to the presence of a seductive young beauty. It seemed he could already smell the luscious, sweet fragrance of her skin.

Sky walked a few feet into the garden and stared into the twilight. "Hello," she called. "Um, hello out there?"

"I'm here, Sky. Come to the fish pond."

She swallowed hard at the sound of that baritone-deep voice. "If it's all the same, could you please come nearer the cottage? The light is better here."

"I'll provide the light. Just come to me."

Sky felt a strong pull and was able to recognize the magic surrounding the creature. "I dislike having magic used on me. I can tell when it's being done."

"I'm not doing anything. If you feel something, it's because you want to."

At that arrogant remark, she angrily flounced forward until she came to the fish pond, at the back of the garden. Gazing around her, Sky still couldn't see anything but she could definitely feel the strong presence of a very male creature. "All right. Come out, right this minute." All her tactful reasoning fled in the face of his magical conjuring.

Standing behind a particularly tall growth of ferns, Rowan took a moment to look her over. Strands of long, honey-colored hair escaped a scarf that held the bulk of the thickness at the nape of her neck. Even in the dim light, he could see that her eyes were more blue than any summer sky. Bluer even than any of the Mountain Fairies' eyes. He likened the color to the clearest sapphires the Queen wore.

And her figure was exquisite. She was taller than most women, and the curve of her breasts suggested a fullness that should have been exposed to the evening air so the nipples would grow taut and erect. Her legs appeared shapely yet lean, but not too thin. The skin of Sky's face was flawless, clear and kissed by the sun. He bet she had just enough freckles to give her the playful look he so loved. And as she gazed into the darkness, searching for him, Rowan couldn't have picked any painting in the world that could do her bone structure justice. She was divine. And his blood heated to a point he'd never experienced. It was in that moment he truly believed his coming to this place was no accident. This woman was meant for loving. He knew he was the one with whom she should seek ultimate pleasure.

"Where are you?" Sky called out. "We need to talk."

He moved quickly.

Sky heard the scurrying but was unprepared for the deep voice coming from so near.

"Behind you."

She turned and half-choked out a response. Before her stood the biggest, most muscular man she'd seen in her entire life. Much, much taller than herself, the dark-haired giant in front of her was built for hard physical labor. She'd expected some kind of waif with rather pale skin and a paltry physique. Not this monumental, granite structure with muscles on top of muscles. She swallowed hard and stared into his unearthly green eyes. They seemed to glow from some inner source. A gentle breeze lifted his shoulder-length, curly hair and dropped strands of it across his face. A slow, sinfully delicious smile, bright as any sunburst, spread across his unshaven, square jaw.

"Uh, w-we need to talk," Sky repeated.

"Shouldn't we at least introduce ourselves more formally? I know you're Sky…"

"P-Pyewackett," she stuttered out her surname.

"I'm Rowan Sultmhor. And I believe you know the circumstances surrounding my appearance in your world."

"Uh, M-Mr. Sultmhor," she said and quickly licked her lips to quench the dryness in her mouth, "my aunts made a small mistake. I'm sure we can come to some agreement about you returning to your world."


She simply stared for a moment.

"I've already told them I'm not going back until I'm ready." He walked from behind the cover of the ferns. "And I'm not ready."

Sky felt her entire body go numb with shock. She stared at the jutting erection between his legs and muttered, "Oh, my stars!"

Rowan was pleased with her awed response. "Forgive my current state of undress, but Fauns don't like clothing. I've told your aunts this."

She still stared. He was every bit of nine inches in length and fully engorged.

He suppressed a bawdy grin. "I take it you don't know much about Fauns."

"Huh?" she stupidly uttered, unable to tear her eyes away from him.

"We're creatures of the earth. We love nothing better than romping around the woods and enjoying life to the fullest. But like my cousins, the Nymphs and Satyrs, our blood runs hot. Making love isn't a passing fancy with us, it's an art. We greatly enjoy long, leisurely lovemaking, and refuse to be hurried. Satisfying our partners is everything. And we can't enjoy ourselves fully until our partners are enjoying themselves."

She finally raised her gaze to his face. "Y-you have to leave," she whispered.

He slowly walked forward. "No. I won't."


"I like your garden. Your aunts are kind women who only wanted to gift you with a special birthday surprise. If you look at it that way, I see no reason why I can't be the gift, and you can't take advantage of my presence."

She finally found her voice as reason pervaded her shocked brain. "A-are you suggesting what I think?"

He held his hands out to his sides. "You're a beautiful woman. I'm an available man. Why not?".

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I really liked this fantasy story. It was interesting to read about different Fairies and their Queen. Sky is very likeable, and Rowan is not your typical Alpha Male/Fairy. If you need a nice escape from reality, this fantasy will delightfully take you away from it all until the last page. - Four Unicorns from Anita, Enchanted in Romance Reviews

4 1/2 stars -Incorrect Spelling is a truly delightful and magical tale. Ms. Chatterly has created a world that anyone would love to get lost in. - Susan Biliter for EcataRomance Reviews

Romance Reviews Today
Incorrect Spelling is a lovely romance. Sky and Rowan are two engaging and, if I may say, energetic characters who certainly work hard to earn the tale's S-ensuous rating. Although humor,fantasy and an uplifting message carry the day in the story's plot, it's not without a bit of spicy tension and suspense as well. As for secondary characters, readers will thoroughly enjoy Sky's aunts, Eartha and Windy, who are absolutely endearing and almost steal the show. INCORRECT SPELLING is a joyful tale that shows how one little mistake can lead to a happy ending. - Phillipa Ann for Romance Reviews Today

NOVELSPOT - Rating: 9
Incorrect Spelling was truly a fun read. I loved the way Rowan reached out to Sky and made her see the world in a different light. The aunts called her "a stickler"; everything had to be done her way. Rowan makes her look outside the box. Of course, the hot steamy sex is so "C.S. Chatterly" that you are not disappointed there. If you are a Chatterly fan or a fan of fantasies, you must read Incorrect Spelling. - Tammy Adams for Novelspot

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INCORRECT SPELLING had me laughing throughout most of the book. C.S. Chatterly has done a wonderful job of weaving a humorous tale. Windy and Eartha just make this story so much more special, especially as Rowan tries to get Sky to see that the two of them are not as incompetent as she believes them. But even with the humor, this is a wonderful story of love between a witch and a faun. And the ending has to be read to be believed! This is one I highly recommend to all lovers of paranormal romance! - Chere Gruver for Paranormal Romance Reviews, Writerspace