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C.S. Chatterly

Genre: paranormal, contemporary erotica

Copyright ©2008

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Man Trouble was previously released in an anthology called 'Toil and Trouble' but has been re-written.

Ian O'Rourke was cursed hundreds of years ago. A magical woman has one last chance to lift that curse on Halloween night.



“Why don’t you dive into that fresh bowl of Kitty-Ditties I put out for you? There’s a nice clean bowl of water, too,” she senselessly communicated.

Ian meowed, rolled on his back and continued to stare up at her. Of all the food he’d eaten as a cat, bugs included, Kitty-Ditties absolutely sucked the most. They tasted the way drywall looked. Besides, he was more interested in finding a way to escape. By staying near her, that chance would present itself soon.

Marian turned her back and pulled her wool sweater off over her head. Peeking back over her shoulder, she saw Trouble still lying there, watching her. She waved a hand in his general direction. “Go on. Scat. Go eat your food or find a roach to chase.”

Roaches? How droll. Did she think all cats hunted those? Well, maybe they did, but he was a cat of a different ilk. He refused to leave, got to his feet and walked across the quilted bedspread toward her. After reaching the end of the bed, he pointedly sat and stared at her. If she was his new owner, he had every right to see what lay under all the layers of clothing, even if what he viewed matched her dreary exterior trappings.

Still facing away, Marian pulled off one of the T-shirts she always wore under her bulkier sweaters. Then she unfastened her black bra and tossed it toward the clothes hamper.

Ian sat up and did a double take. Underneath all the layers of clothing, a veritable butterfly was emerging. His senses had detected the faint aroma of a floral-based body wash, now he could begin to see the sumptuous little body that matched the fragrance. Even in cat form, his human virility responded. Ever ready to watch a lovely lady undress, he wasn’t about to move an inch. Damn Hester and her curse! He’d end up wanting this creature before him and be totally unable to do a single thing about his desire.

An eerie feeling came over Marian. Again, she glanced back and saw those solemn blue eyes staring at her. She had the feeling he was waiting for her to take off the rest of her clothes so he could get a good long look.

“Oh, for the love of Mike!” She turned away and began to undress, angry over being embarrassed because of a cat’s presence. Okay, she wasn’t used to having men in her bedroom. Not even a male cat. While she wasn’t a virgin, she could count her affairs on one hand and have fingers left over. Still, there was no good reason to behave as if a cat made any difference.

Ian continued to watch with growing, passionate interest. He had to avert his eyes and pretend not to stare too intently. That might earn him a painful swat with some kind of cushion or even a newspaper. When she momentarily turned to face him and presented her half-nude torso, he totally renounced his initial assessment of her attributes. His purring resounded through the room.


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