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Tempting The Law
The first book in the Uniform Behaviour series (four titles about men and women in uniform) ~
C.S. Chatterly

Format: ebook
Release: December 2007
ISBN: 978-1-906328-59-7
Copyright ©2007
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

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Cathy Sullivan is a cop. Ian Murphy is too, but neither of them knows about their occupational similarities. Both have been anonymously set up set up by a mutual friend. Just imagine them meeting, for the very first time, in a bordello.

Cathy thinks she's there to be serviced by a perfect stranger; just to enjoy a night of lurid passion and relieve some stress in her life. Ian thinks he's there as a favour to a friend. Through some of the hottest sex either has ever experienced, both find they've got more in common than just a day of erotic pleasure.

After using every piece of furniture and their food as intimate toys, both come to terms with the fact that they simply can't leave each other alone. Even after the fantasy role-playing and the exotic sex is over, one night just won't be enough.

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