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by C.S. Chatterly
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Release: February 14, 2012
Genre: Erotica, light paranormal
Length: short story - 8,000 words
Copyright ©2012

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Mythological men fight for the chance to romance a lovely young Grove Nymph on Valentine's Day. One will win the prize. Another will rue the night.

When mythological characters from the Olympian pantheon fall in love, they fall hard. But some don't know the meaning of the word 'No'.

A young Grove Nymph finds herself being pursued by Hera's son, Calibos. He's a disgusting "pig-troll' who won't leave her alone. She's at her wit's end when an interesting turn of events gives her a chance to outrun her tormentor, and find a man who's actually hero material.

A very handsome and virile Demonid wants a woman who'll be true. It's Valentine's Day and he's seen enough hypocritical humans lying and cheating while deluding themselves about actually caring for one another. He'd readily trade pastel conversation hearts and red boxes of candy for one true chance at romance.

When a matchmaking Angel puts the Nymph and the Demonid together, nothing can stop the heat!

Calibos will be roasted.

Valentine's Day will be toasted.

And the fun of one night will be boasted.

It's a Valentine's evening to warm the heart!




Caleb entered his apartment and closed the door behind him. His acute senses picked up the scent of wildflowers and sandalwood. He immediately backed against the inside of his door.

"Who’s here!" he loudly demanded.

From the recess of his bedroom, a tall, lithe figure appeared in a dark green, hooded cloak. She--for it surely was a woman--moved with all the grace of a gentle spring zephyr. Her curves were readily apparent even through the folds of her gilt-trimmed garment. She glided more than walked. As she moved very close to him, he felt no hostility or menace. Still, he cupped his hands and gathered ambient energy to throw a couple of good-sized power orbs in her direction if necessary. Mythics, from all realities, carried powers that could be summoned in an instant. And since he didn’t know her intent--and because she’d entered his apartment without asking--he could only assume the worst.

"You don’t need to do that," a gentle voice soothed as she lifted a green-gloved hand toward his energized palms. "Zeke sent me. Power down, Caleb...I mean you no harm."

With those words, the tall figure shook back her hood and the air almost left Caleb’s lungs. He dropped his hands and let the energy he’d summoned with them filter away. Before him stood the loveliest creature he’d ever laid eyes on. Her clear eyes--with their honest and sincere expression--were as mesmerizing as her perfect face. The girl’s high cheekbones, bow-shaped mouth and arched brows were characteristic of a noble race. Her long, nut-brown hair hung over her cloaked shoulders in silken, shining waves. He’d never seen her ilk, but had heard of their existence. It was the color of her eyes that gave her away. There was only one kind of Mythic who could boast such an unusual and strikingly awesome violet gaze.

"An Aseid," he whispered.


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