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For Dark Matter:

4 Delightful Divas
I enjoyed Dark Matter by C.S. Chatterly and how the author meshes the subjects of racial superiority and bigotry within this romance. Shay challenges Rorcan’s thinking and accepts the man beyond his species and status. It’s no wonder that he finds her so delightful and refreshing, in comparison to anyone he has ever met. This novel manages to not only entertain but is thought provoking. ~ Reviewed by Claudette for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Cups
Welcome to the world of the future. Unfortunately, the storyline of Dark Matter regarding segregation is a very real possibility, though the idea of a united Earth is a wonderful fairytale. The amazing and sensual love scenes set this story to sizzling, while the outstanding story of Shay and Rorcan’s actual meeting is especially moving. Dark matter is a sensual yet moving story well worth the read. ~ Reviewed by Delane for Coffee Time Romance


For New World:

night owl romance Rating: 5 - Lifetime Keeper!

...New World has an array of well-written good-hearted characters that are faced with exciting imaginative dilemmas. There are good guys you want only the best for and bad guys you think can't be gone soon enough, children that need cared for and even a golden retriever – oh - and in-laws. The sex is "out of this world" with some quirks specific to some species. C. S. Chatterly has an imaginative erotic imagination - oh yes! This is far and away one of the best Sci-Fi's. It's easy to read, has exciting erotic romances and is sure to heat up your library.
~ Reviewed by Dee (for Night Owl Romance)


Rating: SRR GRADE: A

...I promise you won't be disappointed. C.S. made me laugh out loud and there were several times I was hunting a box of tissues as this couple when through some emotional upheaval. Truly a keeper and Ms Chatterly has a new fan on the hunt for her work.
~Reviewed by Melisa (for Simply Romance Reviews)



For Uniform Behaviour: Melting the Minerals

Grade A!
Simply Romance Reviews
WOOHOO boy, all I can say is that if the first two books in this series are as hot as Melting the Minerals, I am getting a whole new appreciation for men in uniform. - Reviewed by Whitney



Love Romances & More
This is a short, hot, stimulating story that entertains and thrills. The chemistry between Lydon and Alexa is palpable and emotional. This is a wonderful quickie for a rainy afternoon and this reviewer enjoyed it very much. - Reviewed by Valerie

4.5 out of 5!
Romance Junkies
I’m having a great time reading about these gods turned mortal and their exploits with C.S. Chatterly’s SONS OF OLYMPUS series. - Reviewed by Chrissy Dionne



5 out of 5!
Love Romances & more
CS Chatterly has written a lovely story that is heartwarming and erotically hot... - Reviewed by Valerie

romance junkies 4.5 out of 5!
Romance Junkies
I’m having a great time reading about these gods turned mortal and their exploits with C.S. Chatterly’s SONS OF OLYMPUS series. - Reviewed by Chrissy Dione


Sensual Reads
Delos Descending is a beautiful story... The story leaves you fulfilled, but wanting so much more. This story is fabulous. - Reviewed by Dakota Rebel

Two Lips Reviews
Rating: Four lips
Del is a mature, compassionate man and his desire for fidelity above all else is admirable. Megaira is a sweet woman struggling to accept herself and wanting more than anything to be normal. They compliment each other beautifully...Reviewed by Kerin, for Two Lips Reviews


For EVERY WITCH WAY BUT LOOSE in Things That Go Bump In The Night VI Anthology

Romantic Times Magazine
This collection of sizzling tales starts off with a story about two women who end up with two unusual lovers. The second story is full of twists and imaginative sexual encounters. And strong characters and an action-packed plot provide a happy ending for the last tale.

Summary: Amy and her best friend renovate a crumbling castle in England. Before long they're having erotic dreams and wishing the "Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle" were real in Painter's atmospheric tale.

In Chatterly's "Every Witch Way but Loose," Sergeant Brogan O'Halloran investigates a disturbance at an abandoned castle and finds a beautiful witch performing a Samhain ceremony. Then the castle sends them traveling through time and into some very erotic adventures.

In Madigan's spellbinding story, Gypsy witch Aniki Sandor is tracking a sex magician who kidnaps virgins. If FBI agent Rick Spade can't teach her to control her magic before the "Full Moon in Virgo," she may just become a victim herself. - —Gail Pruszkowski


Joyfully Reviewed
...Rich and atmospheric, Every Witch Way But Loose is a very imaginative, very creative story that held me spellbound. The tale is fast paced and full of fascinating twists and turns. The house takes on a life of its own and becomes another character, one that will both fascinate a reader, and send chills up their spine at the same time. The reader is in for a fun ride with Ms. Chatterly's story of the legend of Wolf's Head Castle. - Amelia for Joyfully Reviewed.com

Fallen Angels reviews
Brogan is the police chief in the small town of Oak Glen and is content with his quiet life. When he is called to the abandoned castle on the outskirts because of a report of strange lights he is enmeshed in a spell that will change his entire outlook on life and love. Accompanied by Laura, these two traverse time and space while finding out what Wolf’s Head Castle wants from them.

Every Witch Way But Loose is an edgy story that takes two people and plunges them into a magical spell that wants something from them both. While the title leads you to think that it is a whimsical tale, I feel it is anything but. I enjoyed the intense situation that Brogan and Laura found themselves in and felt that they both were true to their characters the entire time. Very well done. - Reviewed by Serena, Four Angels



Enchanted in Romance
I really liked this fantasy story. It was interesting to read about different Fairies and their Queen. Sky is very likeable, and Rowan is not your typical Alpha Male/Fairy. If you need a nice escape from reality, this fantasy will delightfully take you away from it all until the last page. - Four Unicorns from Anita, Enchanted in Romance Reviews

4 1/2 stars -Incorrect Spelling is a truly delightful and magical tale. Ms. Chatterly has created a world that anyone would love to get lost in. - Susan Biliter for EcataRomance Reviews

Romance Reviews Today
Incorrect Spelling is a lovely romance. Sky and Rowan are two engaging and, if I may say, energetic characters who certainly work hard to earn the tale's S-ensuous rating. Although humor,fantasy and an uplifting message carry the day in the story's plot, it's not without a bit of spicy tension and suspense as well. As for secondary characters, readers will thoroughly enjoy Sky's aunts, Eartha and Windy, who are absolutely endearing and almost steal the show. INCORRECT SPELLING is a joyful tale that shows how one little mistake can lead to a happy ending. - Phillipa Ann for Romance Reviews Today

NOVELSPOT - Rating: 9
Incorrect Spelling was truly a fun read. I loved the way Rowan reached out to Sky and made her see the world in a different light. The aunts called her "a stickler"; everything had to be done her way. Rowan makes her look outside the box. Of course, the hot steamy sex is so "C.S. Chatterly" that you are not disappointed there. If you are a Chatterly fan or a fan of fantasies, you must read Incorrect Spelling. - Tammy Adams for Novelspot

Paranormal Romance Reviews
INCORRECT SPELLING had me laughing throughout most of the book. C.S. Chatterly has done a wonderful job of weaving a humorous tale. Windy and Eartha just make this story so much more special, especially as Rowan tries to get Sky to see that the two of them are not as incompetent as she believes them. But even with the humor, this is a wonderful story of love between a witch and a faun. And the ending has to be read to be believed! This is one I highly recommend to all lovers of paranormal romance! - Chere Gruver for Paranormal Romance Reviews, Writerspace