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sorcerer's apprentice SORCERER'S APPRENTICE
by C.S. Chatterly
Copyright ©2009

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When Brynn Nightflyer apprentices herself to Draco Pendragon to become a Master Sorceress, she expects she'll hone her magical skills. She's not prepared for the overwhelming sexual chemistry with her new instructor?or the fact that he wants her to leave his planet as soon as possible.

Draco wasn't planning to let his new apprentice stay, let alone seduce her, but he can't resist her lush curves and quick tongue. Sex with her is hotter than anything he's had before, and Brynn's considerable magical ability adds to the intensity of their couplings. But even as their relationship grows, Draco can't forget that he's hunted by shadows of his past?shadows that would like to see him dead.



The hot look in her emerald eyes immediately caused his body to react wildly. The warmth of her slender frame as she sidled up to him was beguiling. Every nerve in his groin began to burn with anticipation. He'd wanted to see her angry and got exactly what he'd asked for. The little vixen was playing to his suggestion. He couldn't berate her now for acquiescing to his offer. Okay...point one begrudgingly went to her. But he wanted to see just how far he could push it. Her next words, however, almost made him fall off the carriage seat.

"Maybe we could stay here overnight?" Brynn sweetly suggested, using the same sensually-laced tone in her voice he had when he'd suggested they needed no clothing.

Draco swallowed hard, dragged his gaze away from her exquisite face and kept his attention on the road and the mare's progress. Damn the little baggage! She wouldn't rise to the bait and had just trumped him. All right, if Miss Sweet-and-Sexy wanted to go down that road, then fine. He'd enjoy the trip right along with her. "I think a night in the woods would be a splendid idea. I've been working long hours in the castle and some brisk night air will do us both some good. I"ll even contact my man Bodie and have him send some food and bedding from the castle by auto-delivery."

"Mmmm, sounds perfect," Brynn purred and sent him what she hoped was a sultry, come-hither smile. She?d never played games with men. There had been several lovers in her life but no one who emboldened her to act so unrestrainedly, especially on a first meeting. She wasn't sure if she could keep up the seductress act, but he'd started this. She hoped to corner him into giving up this particular mode of testing. So far, he wasn't backing down, but neither was she. Draco couldn't hold any response that he'd initiated against her and they both knew it. If he'd meant to make her cower, throw a tantrum or just plain confuse her, then she wouldn't rise to the bait. A good wizard could handle any situation.

Furious, Draco forced himself to keep a smile plastered on his face. How far was she willing to go with his silly suggestion? Okay, he'd started it, but did she now hope to seduce him into passing her initial days as an apprentice? Or maybe the voyage to Illusia had been so long and confining that she was ready for a sexual romp and he just happened to be the first man available. For some inexplicable reason, it enraged him that she'd simply jump at a chance for an exotic liaison with a man she'd known barely an hour. He began to wonder if that wasn't the weakness he'd been searching for. Having found it, why was he angered over the discovery? It made no sense. But from her father's reputation, he'd expected her to respond differently to his obvious pass. He'd left no room for misinterpretation of his sexual suggestion.

Draco drove on in silence. Whenever he glanced at her, she presented him with a blinding, captivating smile. He did his best to return it, but his irrational rage left him with no other form of communication at the moment. He finally pulled on the reins and jumped from the carriage when a suitable place for their escapades presented itself.

In a saccharin-induced tone, he told her, "I think this will do nicely. What do you think?"

She responded as sickeningly as he, "It's lovely...Master."

He wanted to wring her little neck?her perfectly shaped, swan-like, creamy neck. The little tease. She'd probably go as far as it took to get him to call off this charade. By then his body would be burning so fiercely that he'd have to find a cool stream in which to bathe. But what if he didn't call it off? What if he turned up the heat?

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Rating: FIVE of five
C.S. Chatterly's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is a quick fun read. A short story that is full of desire, action, fantasy and love. The characters are empowering in their battles of love and temptation. The author is able to provide all elements of emotions into a wonderfully short package. The only thing I found myself wanting was more! ~ Reviewed by Hannah for Bitten By Books